About Our Programs

The Baby Room!

Babies (6 wks - 18 mos)

Infants will be fed according to your instructions; please complete an infant feeding form (available at the front office). Please also keep your infant’s feeding schedule form updated and notify us of any changes in feeding schedule, formulas and foods. We want to be able to quickly identify and respond to any food allergies.

If you have a breastfed infant, please supply an adequate amount of expressed milk in dated containers. You are welcome at the center ANYTIME during the course of the day to nurse. A rocker is available in the infant room.

If you have a formula fed baby, please supply an adequate amount of formula and at least three bottles. 

Please supply all bottles, baby food, diapers, wipes and diapering accessories for your child.  A weeks worth of wipes and daipers is needed in advance; it’s best to bring these on Fridays for the following week. If you forget, then you still have the week-end to remember.  Please only bring disposable diapers. If needed, also bring a tube of diaper ointement with your child’s name on it. For sanitiation reasons, we cannot use a tube of ointment on more than one baby.

When you bring diapers for the week, that would be a good time to stock up on next weeks cereal and canned baby food.

*There is a $5.00 per day charge when we don’t have needed infant supplies.

A report of what your infant’s activities will be sent home daily.

The Toddler Room!

Toddlers (18 mos - 30 mos)

Toddlers are transitioning from being a baby to a child, therefore much of our work with toddlers is to prepare them physically.  Alongside you, we help to potty train the child. At this age, they make the transition from bottle, to sippy cup and then to a cup with no lid; as well as, they make the transition from crib to cot. They are learning to do many things on their own.

Although much of the focus is helping the child to grow physically, toddlers have a vast capacity for learning about their world.  This is a wonderful window of opportunity to teach the child that they have a loving Father who created them, and loves them, and is interested in what concerns them.  Much of our curriculum at this age level revolves around songs and hands-on activities. 

As should be the pattern of every growing Christian, we begin each day with worship and a Bible story. Bible stories are fun and engaging and interactive.  One day, the story may be told with the flannel board, and another day... it may simply be acted out with small puppets.

Educational subjects are touched on as is age appropriate as well.  Toddlers are taught math through song and “hands-on activities.”  For example, we have two hands...that makes a pair.  They learn number correspondence as they put on socks... 1 foot and then 2 for the next foot.  At this age, we will also incorporate many hands on activities such as gardening, butterfly kits, ant kits, etc...

The Three's Room!

Preschoolers (30 mos - early 5 yrs)

For our preschoolers, we set-aside time for Bible and for preschool instruction. Each day begins with worship and a Bible story. We pray this pattern instills the understanding in the child that devotional time is a normal part of the Christian life.

However, we believe the Christian life goes much further than just having a devotional time. We believe the Bible should be interwoven in EVERYTHING we do and undergird EVERY DECISION we make. Therefore, we believe our teachers should be living illustrations of the Bible, as they will be passing on Biblical truth to the children in our care.

We have a “fun” and “educational” curriculum whereby your child will be prepared for kindergarten. However, as a Christian center, we will teach the preschool material in such a way that the child may not only be prepared educationally, but that they may be equipped with the knowledge of of the truth of Jesus Christ so that they may have wisdom for life, for the trials that are a certainty in this world, and for fulfilling the purposes for which He has created them.  

In the morning, our devotional time is spent going through the child’s Bible in a sequential fashion so that the child begins to have a grasp for the Bible as a whole.  However, we will orient the classes around themes for the day. For example, one of our themes is gardening.  For this theme, we will actually plant a garden, and perform science expiraments that include working with plants and soil.  Throughout everything we do that’s educational, we will bring home a spiritual message of God’s great love and faithfulness.  For instance, we will talk about God as our creator, and how He provides all that we need just as He provides water, and light and soil for the plants.  We will incorporate Scripture, such as the parable of the seeds.  We will talk about how plants have trouble growing in the hard earth; and how we need to provide God with a soft heart so that His Word may grow in our lives.  We will talk about vines and how the leaves are attached to the vine to grow, just as John 15 tells us we must be attached to God to grow.

If you have questions about our beliefs or what we do, please feel free to visit with the director.